Ending Hunger in America

02 Dec Ending Hunger in America

My wish is that I could end hunger by promoting a brand that would encourage people to shop the “BOGOs”,(buy one, get one) promotions offered by Publix and Winn Dixie supermarkets and not “GET” but “GIVE” their free promotional items to nonprofit organizations that help feed our animals, kids, community and veterans. Four times to a year to let the Givers of this world GIVE and for, free. Everyone can participate and experience the Joy of giving and I believe we could feed many people and animals to help Hunger-Free America. A donation from your heart, NOT from your pocket!


I have been working hard on holding campaigns to promote the brand but with limited funds hard to get the word out to make it well known. You can find me as BOGO Supporters of Hernando on Facebook and see what I have done so far in my community, while you are there please, like my page and share. You can also find me on twitter and instagram under BOGO Supporters and help me promote this simple way to help make a difference for our world and help communities thrive! My next campaign is for the ASPCA on April 11th, 2017. I would like the country to get involved and shop for BOGO items in the coming months leading up to April 11th to build a Doggie Bag to take their “free” BOGO Bones and pet food items they have collected to their local ASPCA and help feed our furry friends to give them a chance. They would also be helping a non-government funded shelter in their community that relies strictly on donations to help our animals in need.


This dream/vision was inspired by my mother who passed away last year and since her passing God has been pulling me to make this happen, by seeing people come together for these four campaigns a year to donate food this way, allows me to see a reflection of her love and generous giving spirit shine out through others. I believe this could be huge if I could get others to identify with the bogo logo as a land marker to know when and where to donate. Building an Army of supporters everywhere that can help create a movement that can change the world. You can visit my website to read more, www.bogosupporters.com. Help me build the brand that can help end hunger.


Thank you,
Kristine Walden/BOGO Supporters Founder

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