19 Nov EMPOWERED… By Design

EMPOWERED by design. When you glimpse into the blue-sky eyes of Jody Barrett her gaze is hard to look away from. They draw you in with their steadiness. It is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine these eyes have ever seen sorrow.

Fearless, powerful, optimistic, passionate, visionary Jody has a unique perspective, a way of seeing all things as an opportunity to triumph in even the toughest situations. Don’t let those baby blues fool you – Jody has been there and she has come all the way back and then some.

Jody’s passion for making the world and people around her the best they can be is evident in all she accomplishes. When she felt a need to reach a higher ground with public education she didn’t just join the PTA. She collaborated, created and founded a grass-roots charter high school.
Though oddly uncomfortable in the spotlight, behind the scenes Jody is a voice for those seeking a new summit. Her aim has always been the change others want to see.

She wasn’t always the entrepreneur and social media expert you see today. She lost both parents within months of each other to Alzheimer’s disease amid her own personal struggles of years of infertility treatments. Spending a great deal of time in hospitals, Jody looked beyond the pain, sorrow and loss to the other overlooked patient needs – laughter, encouragement and inspiration.


Her company, Showoff By Design was developing a line of fun, luxury patient hospital gowns with designs featuring medals for veterans, heroes, breast cancer patients and even sweet animals designs for children spending time in the hospital. Seriously Funny Gowns for patients have been featured in numerous media articles, citing Jodys uncanny ability to tap into those around her.

Jody’s desire to connect with people really came to light as she started to develop her social media campaign. She sought not to be an online brand, but to be part of the lives of her followers, a genius strategy that helped her amass over 215,000 followers in her Twitter feed alone. Perhaps her audience feels a deep connection to Jody because of her journey and positive energy.


Jody sees the tragedies of her life as an opportunity to triumph and shared positive affirmations of life after loss. For example, instead of tweeting the bitters of her own marriage and divorce, Jody tweets the sweets of being single again!💃🏻 It’s all in the way she looks at things.
She enjoys and embraces each new day with an overwhelming sense of happiness.

Today, Jody instilled her pathological optimism into everything she does, from raising her family to researching new ways to communities to communicate her vision for staying strong.


Currently, Jody is a social media strategist advising businesses, organizations, schools and individuals. In addition, Jody is a motivitalion speaker for numerous women’s organizations and has been invited all over the world to share her inspirational, uplifting messages. Jody was born to Showoff her heart!💜


My wish is to empower women with a new perspective how to not only efficitvely overcome adversity and succeed but rather to thrive and conquer their world.


I believe that women who empower one another will soar to new heights… Together.


My dream is to utilize my Twitter success and expand my global platform of empowering women by incorporating professional television/live-stream reality based entertainment & info into my feed incorporating fun, engaging, women to highlight and inspire women everywhere.

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