Earth Awareness

25 Apr Earth Awareness

Earth Awareness


“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” ~Henry David Thoreau
This week we celebrated Earth Day. We’ll keep it going with a look at ways to help care for our Earth every day.


Keep an open mind!
Gather facts and opinions from all sides. Hear everyone out and then decide for yourself. Do this with any issue worth considering. Read the actual facts, listen to actual experts (not just talking heads). Do research, check credentials, and find out what is happening and then decide what your stance is.



We shared key points with a spotlight on the greater good:
Additional info:


“This is real…and I’m an optimist”


Reduce your carbon footprint.
Sure, we’ve heard this phrase before. Take a fresh look: It means you can reduce your personal impact on CO2 emissions. How? So many ways. Here are a few:
Ride a bike, walk, or take public transit instead of driving everywhere. How far away is that grocery store? Can you walk, scooter or ride share??
According to the EPA, the transportation sector accounts for 29% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Today, rush hour drivers spend an average of 42 hours stuck in traffic each year, and it isn’t making them happy. Researchers have found that commuters who walk, take a train or cycle are happier than those who drive.


If you must drive, investigate carpool or rideshare options at your workplace or in your locality. Looking for even more adventurous good times? Check out an e-bike or give an e-scooter a try.


Reduce Waste
The convenience of disposable packaging and far-flung landfills can make it easy to ignore the staggering amount of trash our throw-away society produces. But from the problems with recycling to toxic e-waste to plastic filled oceans waste is a serious problem.
What can you do? Avoid single-use packaging, carry reusable containers, utensils and bags, and try to consume less in general (do you really need that new hoverboard?).


Volunteer and Donate
There are thousands of events and volunteer opportunities taking place across the globe this Earth Day. Earth Day Network is helping organize volunteer cleanups in communities across the U.S. Looking for something different? Volunteer Match connects volunteers with non-profit opportunities across many areas of need. The EPA recommends contacting educational coordinators at its regional offices to learn about programs near you. Donating to nonprofit organizations is always an effective way to help make a difference. This list of top-rated nonprofits protecting the environment is a good place to start. Whether you choose to volunteer or donate, make sure it’s to a worthy cause.


Buy local! Not only is buying local food fantastic because you get to explore local culinary culture and learn to cook new food seasonally, but it also diminishes your carbon footprint. Produce and many pre-packaged foods often travel hundreds or thousands of miles before they reach your grocery store shelves. All those miles convert to gallons of gas and tons of fuel burned. Instead of buying that tomato from China or Mexico, maybe you can buy one from a local farm. Many grocery stores source some produce locally, but even if they don’t, chances are you live in a place that has a farmer’s market, or a local co-op. Check out your options. There may even be farm to table food shares in your area. Google it! Many farms will deliver a basket of box of seasonal goods to your door every week, 2 weeks, or 1 month. That way, you get local goods and you don’t even have to leave home! I should also mention that you are being environmentally conscious AND supporting small businesses at the same time!


Thanks for reading and for celebrating Earth Day every day with us!
Akasha Lin


Akasha Garnier for #TheWishwall
Author, Brand Expert, Filmmaker

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