Don’t Judge

13 Aug Don’t Judge

Let go and trust.


Me right now. Because in the space of a week (and two lines on a pregnancy test)I went from being an independent, healthy active woman, feeling totally in control, earning my own money to…being so weak I’ve had to be picked up off the bathroom floor, currently only out of bed 30 minutes at a time, unable to work right now which means zero income, but you know what I’m as much in control now as I ever was.


It’s a total illusion and life can throw all sorts at us whenever it chooses…including Hyperemisis Gravidarum (think morning sickness Incredible Hulk style)
So right now I’m choosing to not waste my energy on worrying and trust that all will be well and that this is all a part of my journey.


Plus big thanks to the world of science because due to a different medication I can actually eat & drink. Which is another thing – perhaps years ago I would have passed judgement on someone taking medication in pregnancy & for that I’m truly sorry. Judgement in any situation is a shitty habit and one we should all give up.


#gratitude #positiveexchange

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