Digital Detox

15 Jan Digital Detox

Going to try and make every now and then every night.


Because lately I’ve got into the habit of being on my phone in bed…with the excuse of “might still have to settle Charlie(my 8 month old) so may as well post my run club updates on facebook..” but that quickly leads to checking emails, lots of scrolling on Instagram, bit of window shopping and before I know it hours have gone by and when I finally decide to sleep my mind is whizzing and whirring and I’m restless. Plus I find late at night is when self doubt, self comparism and anxiety can creep in more easily. Someone I follow had posted about their successful book and I started giving out to myself about being so behind with mine!


At the time my mind should be winding down I’ve been stimulating it and filling it with info it really doesn’t need just then.
Plus woke at 3am one night to Charlie and found myself checking my bloody phone! Bonkers!🤔
Before I’ve taken days or weeks off of social media but I miss it because it can be really positive so instead I’ve decided no more scrolling at bedtime.
Notifications get switched off, auto reply set on my messages and last night I downloaded the buddhifyapp and listened to a sleep meditation.
I definitly slept deeper and woke feeling more refreshed. Going to make this a new habit for 2018. Will you join me?




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