Digital Detox

02 Oct Digital Detox

There are plenty of positives to be found in social media & the Internet. How quickly we can connect with others is one, for me writing for the Wishwall means people I could never reach before I now can – thanks Simonetta! BUT…it is definitely worth detoxing every now and then. Generally Facebook & Instagram show the highlights reel of people’s lives, every moment we scroll we are inundated with the opinions & judgements of others. Many of which serve no purpose other than to clutter up our already busy minds.


Be aware of how you feel while online. If certain accounts seem to leave you doubting or comparing yourself unfollow them. Like in “real” life surround yourself with those who uplift & bring you joy and remember like the quote says “everything will work fine after being unplugged for a while – including you.”


Instagram: @hannahlillybella

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