Cultural respect

05 Jul Cultural respect

Grace, respect, reserve, and empathetic listening are qualities sorely missing from the public discourse now. ~Meryl Streep


I wish to honor the importance of cultural respect in branding. This week we witnessed a very public accusation and push back on a brand’s name. So, no matter how many followers we have, it’s important to be aware and respectful of a word’s meaning and cultural significance…long before launch. Respect your audience domestically and internationally.


Kim Kardashian West finally caves on Kimono brand after cultural appropriation
Kim Kardashian West was quickly accused of cultural appropriation of the name. In a Thursday statement to the New York Times, in which she defended her understanding and “deep respect” for the meaning of kimono in Japanese culture, she said she had no plans to change the name.


But on Monday she was singing a different tune. Bowing to pressure, Kim Kardashian West will change the name of her Kimono Solutionwear line, presumably to something less controversial, the reality TV personality announced Monday morning. Read more from the LA Times:


Shine through x 2
After an exciting book cover reveal in Dublin, Ireland, I’m grateful for your support when I shared the book cover trailer this week!
I was the closing speaker and #ShineThroughtheNoise chapter reading on the first day of the Dublin Writers’ Conference.
I listened to readers’ stories, light bulb moments and reactions to my reading and presentation. Thanks for all the shares in person and on Instagram and Twitter!
I will incorporate some reader examples next speech. Overall the feedback was: “Your presentation was on a whole other level!!”
I swear by these confident communication tips to help you shine through too!


I hope you find them helpful for your next live pitch or presentation!
Wishing our American readers a wonderful 4th of July holiday and friends overseas a great weekend!


Thanks for reading and we welcome comments below!


Akasha Lin
Akasha Garnier for #TheWishwall
Author, Brand Expert, Filmmaker
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