Combat Veteran’s with PTSD last wish in life.

09 Jan Combat Veteran’s with PTSD last wish in life.

My name is Ricky. I served in combat between September 2008 to September 2009. I got out of the military in 2010. I filed for VA benefits in November 2016. My recent PTSD exam in December 2017 diagnosed me with PTSD. Ever since I got out of the military my life has been on a constant down hill ride. I cannot maintain a job because of PTSD, which is the reason I applied for VA benefits. I was denied. I have acquired a variety of skills which ranges from drafting legal documents to designing websites. By professional trade I am a IT Specialist. I get small jobs here and there but it is not enough to sustain my life. I fix computers and cell phones. The military left me with a dental problem which heavily effects my personal appearance and my will to go on in life.


I am currently in the process of filing an appeal of my decision for benefits from the Veteran’s Administration. Which will take on average almost 2 years. The last lawyer I spoke with informed me it will take over 564 days. I have alot of knowledge about internet marketing, which includes social media marketing, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing. With that said, my last wish in life is very simple. One post telling people to go follow my social media accounts. That would allow me to kickstart my amount of followers to grow so I will be able to effective market and make money to live life, be happy, and fix my dental problem. I have always not had anything in life. I promise if my wish gets granted I will give back and pay it forward. The Wishmakers of this website need only to make some posts on their websites telling people to go follow me.


I do not need this wish to be granted in the essence of it taking away 1 of the 3 wishes they grant a year because what I am asking for is very simple. Whoever reads this, if you have a large audience on your social media account, simple pull out your phone, go to make a post and tell your followers to go follow my Instagram account @thearmytech I do not want a hand out nor want to take up anyones time. A couple posts that will take someone 10 seconds has the power to change my life forever and essentially save my life. I will be so grateful that when I do start making alot of money I will pledge %15 of my annual revenue to The Wishwall Foundation and another %5 to a charity of the Wishmakers choosing. Thank you and God Bless.


One post will change everything and many other’s lives because I will pay it forward and help people in need any chance I get. Thank you for your time in reading my wish. I cannot add a picture, please contact me for a picture please.

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