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21 Apr Collaborate with Budding Fashion Bloggers

By day, I am a high school math teacher in a rural, low income school. I am scared. I see too many teenage pregnancies, too many lives lost by suicide and too many students dropping out of high school. For whatever reason (I can think of a few), most of these are females. As a mother of two daughters myself, I feel a duty to protect my female students, try to shield them from everything that is scary or unfair. Unfortunately, some things are out of my hands.

But, not all is lost. I CAN be a role model to these girls. I can show them that hard work DOES pay off and that there ARE good people in this world. More than anything, I want to be their example of what being a good person looks like … Hardworking, ethical, charitable, honest, kind, optimistic. Many of these girls do not have strong, positive parental relationships. For the eight hours a day I have them, however, I can be that person.

I love my job because of the difference I can make. Unfortunately, I am not able to make enough to support my wish to financially support causes I find important … Education overseas, infant prematurity, mental illness, drug addiction. But I was given the amazing opportunity to be a merchandiser for Chloe and Isabel, a fashion jewelry brand which highly values the empowerment of women. My increasing success in a short amount of time has afforded me enough money to donate to the March of Dimes, Meningioma Mommas, Susan G. Komen.

Short term, I want to be able to donate more. Long term, I want to set-up my own non-profit which provides educational support to children, teens and adults suffering from drug addiction. Why? My brother.

He was born prematurely in 1982. At that time, infant mortality due to a premature birth was high. He almost didn’t make it. But … he did. Of the three of us, he was the most kind-hearted, always wanting everyone to be happy. But he was small for his age and got picked on a lot. He would come home with busted lips and black eyes. I guess, eventually, he had enough. That sweet boy became reserved and isolated himself from everyone. He befriended the “tough  kids” for protection. Eventually, he started smoking pot, then meth, added to cocaine added to heroine. He began dealing at a very young age. Teachers dismissed him as a hoodlum and offered no support. He was a lost boy, never to be found again. Fast forward to now, 33 years later. He is homeless, living anywhere that will take him in. He can’t live at home because he assaulted my dad. Where has that sweet boy gone?

These children need adults who are willing to fight for them, to believe in them. I want to be able to develop an organization of counselors and teachers who will provide their services, at no cost, to those who believe no one cares. I care.

The more successful I am as a merchandiser, the more money I will make, which will more quickly allow me to make my dream of REALLY doing something come true.

As with any direct sale brand, however, there are only so many friends and family you can reach out to. I need mass scale social reach with like-minded fashion professionals who can help me attain my long-term goal. I think it would be incredibly awesome to work with budding fashion bloggers who are looking for fashion stylists, who are willing to allow me to style their look(s), give credit to my styling ability (styled by Jessica Hardy) while also supporting the Chloe and Isabel brand. In exchange for their support, the blogger would receive the pieces modeled for free. This will ignite increased interest in our brand, my business and, hopefully, increase my financial return.

My brother might never come back to us (I hope he does), but I can help ensure those who are on the verge of being forgotten aren’t.


  • Simonetta Lein
    Posted at 05:29h, 21 April Reply

    Hi! Welcome! You might consider to subscribe to this website the owner, Sharon, is a super nice person and the purpose of this website is to put fashion brands in contact with fashion bloggers. There are some budding bloggers that might accept only items to do campaigns. Of course you might understand that experience and exposure has to be paid but if that is your initial focus you can start there. You can subscribe for free and offer your brand. Let me know if this was useful.

    • Jessica
      Posted at 12:14h, 21 April Reply

      Your support means so much. Thanks for taking the time to help me.

    • Cynthia
      Posted at 20:09h, 21 April Reply

      Hello Jessica,
      What an inspiration. My daughter also has a wish on the wish wall. “Education to change the world” she was born a micro preemie in 1997. Lauren has defied the odds despite having a disability and is trying to get a college education. She is also an Ambassador for MDA and Shriners Hospital, and a public speaker. While she is not a blogger, she is living proof of being strong and resilient and rising above the labels. Lauren is also an actress and model and if you ever have interest to collaborate using her and her inspirational story to model jewlery or speak to any of the teens she would be happy to help. Simonetta has our information and if there is anything we can help with please let us know. Thank you!! Lauren’s mom, Cynthia

      • Jessica Hardy
        Posted at 12:37h, 23 April Reply

        Wow. What an amazing testimonial to the power of hard work and determination. I would absolutely love to work with her. I cannot think of a better way to use my business to support an individual who has defied all odds and has become a role model for women all over the world.

        • Simonetta Lein
          Posted at 15:17h, 23 April Reply

          I sent you her email, did you write her?

          • Jessica Hardy
            Posted at 16:27h, 24 April

            Thanks! Writing today.

  • Simonetta Lein
    Posted at 05:37h, 21 April Reply

    Your story is very touching, I firmly believe in everyone’s potential to Booddhahood so that is there for your brother as well. I have seen many people come out from the worst situation. Just pray that he finds the belief to come out of it, that is the only thing you can do because as adults we have the free will and we cannot force anyone. But be confident and send him your prayers. According with what I do I believe in your cause, if this is something you might like I can offer you as soon as our new websites launches a new categories where people with addictions can write and you can give them support and bring a counselor as well to intervene as well. We can give them a free place to express themselves. This is something I would do very happily. Let me know what you think about it;)

    • Jessica
      Posted at 12:13h, 21 April Reply

      That would be amazing. Thank you so much!

  • Jessica
    Posted at 15:49h, 26 April Reply

    Hey Cynthia!

    Did you receive my email?


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