Colin Kaepernick: GQ’s Citizen of the Year

15 Nov Colin Kaepernick: GQ’s Citizen of the Year

This past week GQ announced that they awarded Colin Kaepernick with the honor of Citizen of the Year. Not only did Kaepernick start the kneeling protest that took over the NFL, but he also donated to numerous charities and started an organization of his own. The “Know Your Rights Camp” he started shares self-empowerment tips and teaches the youth how to interact with law enforcement.


While Kaepernick is still out of a job, he’s still out making a difference. While doing all these wonderful things he wasn’t only silenced by the NFL, but by the media the as well. Recently “Sports Illustrated” featured a story about sports athletes who use their platform to raise awareness about what’s happening in the world. The only problem with their main story is that they failed to feature Kaepernick on the cover.


My wish is for you to pick your own Citizen of the Year. It may be a celebrity, politician, or a family member. Whomever it is, please let them know how you feel about them. People all over the world do selfless acts everyday and never get thanked.


This is your time to show them the gratitude they deserve.


Peace and Love,
Andrew of We Take Note for The Wishwall


Photo Credit: GQ

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