Clothing donations to mothers in need

18 Oct Clothing donations to mothers in need

What if there was a way to make a huge impact on another woman’s life by doing something as simple as reorganizing your closet?


The old me would have had a closet full of clothing I haven’t worn in years, some often still with tags. Every season I would re-organize my closet and keep rotating these pieces in and out until it no longer made sense… or I simply could not fit anything else.


Pants that no longer fit- toss em
Jackets held for years with tags- ditch ’em
clothing that makes you cringe at what your style once was- let it go


Instead of tossing (and I’m quite sure many of you already do this) consider donating to a good cause. It’s often unspoken of but many of those large donation bins you find in parking lots don’t actually reach the needy. Many of these clothing bins are operated by for-profit and only give a small portion to charity or those in need. Some make their money by selling the clothes in bulk to recycling companies that ship them overseas, where they are re-used as apparel, made into rags, reprocessed as furniture padding or insulation materials. While that’s great for the planet, it may not be where you had imagined your blouse would end up.
What really resonates with me is any organization that supports mothers. As all mothers understand we would give the shirt off our back (literally) for our kids happiness. Single mothers, single working mothers, mothers escaping from abuse and trying to make a better life for her and for her children are all making sacrifices. Dress for success supports women in helping them feel confident in the way they look by providing women with clothing they can wear in the workplace. Not only do they provide clothing they also help women secure employment and further advance their careers. “Addressing women’s needs is central to improving the quality of life for not only her but also her family.”- Dress for success


It’s been my ultimate calling to help others and be able to one day use this platform to make a difference. The next time you go through your closet consider donating to Dress for Success. There are over 140 offices worldwide and donation centers in just about every state. To find a location nearest you check the link below

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