Care Packages for Chronic Illness

11 Nov Care Packages for Chronic Illness

I wish to start up a care package non-profit. This will specifically be directed towards teenagers (ages 13-18) with chronic illnesses in the United States. Through research after receiving an anonymous care package, I have found no organizations directed towards this age group. The image I submitted is a photo of the package I received. I need monetary support and advertisement to carry this out. If I receive support to start up this project, I will allow applicants to customize their care package based on preferences. I will include “fun” items (ex: stickers, bracelets, erasers, bookmarks, charms, etc.), “distraction” items (ex: stuffed animals, coloring books, puzzle books, stress balls, journals, etc.), and illness related items (blankets, pain patches, g tube pads, ice packs, socks, tummy drops, etc.). I want to distribute these packages for free by mail and not make any money for myself. This will bring comfort to chronically ill teenagers who are often not recognized as many programs focus only on younger children.

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