Calling all Women to be Nicer to Themselves

07 Sep Calling all Women to be Nicer to Themselves

So my wish this week is for all women to be nicer to themselves.
As you may or may not know I’m currently pregnant with my 4th (and absolute surprise) baby and this week after a lot of extreme sickness, being unable to eat, drink or get out of bed. This week I got my appetite back but sadly my first reaction was “god if I keep eating like this I’ll be huge…”
What followed was an angry chat with myself and a chat I’d like you to have with yourself, if like me you’ve judge your body harshly and neglected to thank it for all it does.


We are so much more than the physical and true joy can only come when we learn to love our whole selves and for me that includes the loose skin, broken veins and cellulite as much as my sense of humor and kind heart.
And it also means if my hungry pregnant body wants 3 almond croissants it can have them!


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