Bundle of Joy Project

10 Oct Bundle of Joy Project

Withdrawing from social media felt strange for a few days but I’ve found it an overall positive experience so am now going to try & check in once a week.


So today I started writing again (less time scrolling fb & Instagram has given not only my brain more space but my day), what I aim to be an honest account of my experience being a Mum pregnancy, birth & beyond. Not a book of advice (more than enough of them) other than to say there are seemingly infinite choices of how to be pregnant then birth/feed/sleep/raise your baby once it’s out & it makes sense to me to not judge ourselves or others on the choices made.
I’m starting now because I hate being pregnant, a feeling that its taboo to admit- not to be confused with hating the outcome or not being grateful that I can be – and once the baby is born the rose tinted glasses will be on & dull that feeling & it would no longer be an honest account.


I’m trying to use the Joy triggers to shine a light on the positives and will be sharing what works for me & what doesn’t.


At best this will be an honest/funny/sad bestseller of a book for all the Mums* out there who have at times felt far from joy and are alternatively losing their identities & minds, or worst case writing it will simply be therapeutic for me.


Either way a win win.


Instagram: @hannahlillybella


FB. https://www.facebook.com/hannahlillyjoyproject/

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