Building Mental Fitness

05 Jun Building Mental Fitness

I truly believe that we can do many things to strengthen our mental fitness- gratitude, exercise, good nutrition, meditation which is why I created the Joy Project but I also know that sometimes it’s not enough & wanted to write about my recent decision to take medication (something I think there can be a big stigma about)… For as long as I can remember Sundays have often been a trigger for anxiety and I finally figured out that it’s because they are the one day of my week that’s never really had a structure or plan other than to be a “relaxing” day.


I’m not very good at no structure or relaxing -the “to do” lists in my head keep lengthening, things like dirty dishes, toys on the floor or dust drive me crazy – rational me knows they aren’t important but the part of my mind that craves order & control doesn’t let me ignore them. On a good day the agitation will pass after a bit of cleaning on a bad day spreads to negative self talk, overwhelm & my ability to function.


The only time this really lessened was the year I finally took medication after extreme depression when Charlie was 5 months old but stopped taking when I became pregnant with Joshua. I hoped that it was a thing of the past but have come to realise these tendencies are a part of who I am and if I had a physical ailment I’d look for help so why would I deprive myself when it comes to my mental health.


Taking medication does not make anyone a failure, it doesn’t make the Joy Project worthless – right now it’s a part of my self care regime along with gratitude, exercise, nutrition, meditation and positivity – all things that help me slow down & be still.


Because we all deserve to feel good. 💖


I’m Hannah Lilly a Mum of 4, Beginner’s Running Coach, Personal Trainer & you can follow me & my Joy Project journey on Instagram: @hannahlillybella

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