Bring the love of the world for one moment

12 Sep Bring the love of the world for one moment


Having a diverse life full of change and re-inventions that run the scale from early in youth and throughout life. Life’s issues tackled head on always but the twists and turns have been just a little unbelievable. Having lived to be a father finally and to lose my two sons in two separate instances forced more inner changes. My book was born from my own disbelief in looking back over my life. It is a memoir, TWO sons TOO many.



I have had a great number of super fun adventures and been blessed to travel around the world. From little old Ireland and stretched my wings as far as I could, however a higher power may have just clipped them here and there and curtailed the carefree lifestyle.


My wish would be for as many people as possible to read my book and share a moment, a thought for Darts & Patrick. I feel perhaps some could be inspired and some younger may gain some insight into the rights and wrongs along their own journey. I wish to spread among all who can read my memoir, that perhaps they will gain an appreciation for all that they have in front of their very eyes. I hope that perhaps within any one parents own bundle of joy they can see from my own hardships that nothing is guaranteed and savour each and every possible moment. My Memoir is not full of misery and there is plenty of travels and fun times that I have enjoyed along the way.


But like I said I found it hard to believe myself and I was the person who has experienced it all.


Hoping and wishing for the world to know the names.and share a prayer for Darra & Patrick. Link to book, either kindle or paperback.

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