To bring mindfulness & more peace to all.

13 Jul To bring mindfulness & more peace to all.

My desire is simply this: To bring more peace to this world and other’s lives.

The way: Bring mindfulness practice to the world, in a grounded, down to Earth fashion that everyone can relate to – with humour & humbleness – with kindness, compassion, acceptance and grace… and a little bit of sarcasm!

The why: For ten years, I have been studying of how our mind works in relation to our surroundings, looking into the psychology, ancient beliefs, the potential metaphysical aspects. I began in deference to a dear friend of mine who passed away, leaving me with these words etched into my mind – reflecting on things I had achieved and accomplished in my life.

“Richard, you are a powerful creator of your own reality, you do not realise how much so”.

I did not believe this at the time, in any way, but as my spiritual mentor, I HAD to follow this path to investigate out of respect to his memory, and feeling everything else I had tried in my life to circumvent my own self destructive and anxiety ridden actions had totally failed.

And now, ten years later, I am here. More convinced than I have ever been, that so much of our world’s troubles – from lack of happiness in life, to anxiety and depression, fear of following our dreams, wars, how quick the world is to judge each other, the divisions, all these things… begin entirely from the ego mind.  The ego does not mean “big headed” or anything like that, but the sum total of experiences taking on a “personality” of their own and masking from us our own innate potential, which when allowed to flow and be, seems to lead to more wonderful & peaceful lives.

I can see how the world would be, if more people understood this, and embraced it, but in a practical day to day fashion – let’s face it, we can’t all be Zen monks! I am certainly not!

I wish to continue to learn from the nodern masters – Tolle, Robbins etc, to become the best I can be, and to encourage others on their path to find and fulfill their own life purpose whilst being grateful in success, and calmer when facing obstacles in life which we all face.  To be kinder to each other, less judgmental, and understanding that life is a complex interwoven tapestry of shared experience.  That we all have something unique, powerful, and valuable to add to our collective experience when we escape from the shackles of thought.

My desire, is a big desire… but the one thing about me that’s never changed, is my relentless drive to dream big.

We can have a better world.

That world begins within each one of us, and that is something we can all derive huge benefit from.

Thank you, for sharing in my dream, for it is not only for me, but for each and every one of us.

And thank you to Simonetta for creating this beautiful, incredible portal of expression and hope!



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