Be Thankful

22 Nov Be Thankful

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I think it is best to talk about being thankful. My wish for people is that they appreciate what is given to them, and get the appreciation back that they deserve.

Thanksgiving is a time when family, friends, neighbors, and everyone comes together to show their appreciation for everything and everyone they have in their lives. My wish is for people to be more receptive to the holiday and take it more seriously. Everyday, people are losing family members, starving, and hurting, but there are still people who do not appreciate all they have.


As a high school senior, I know the stresses that one can go through in life. Us seniors are applying to colleges, getting through school work, planning prom, planning our senior trip, and so much more. It seems stressful, but why can’t we view it as more of an exciting process? I wish people would think positively and make good thoughts out of what they are given in life because no matter what, someone has it worse and those stresses we go through, could be way worse.


I have personally witnessed people being selfish and ungrateful, being disrespectful to teachers and parents, and bossing around their friends. It is around this time of the year that behavior like that truly breaks my heart, since it is a time to be thankful for all that you have. It is a time for family, friends, and happiness, and I hope more people learn to appreciate that, since not everyone has the access to that kind of love.


All together, my wish is for happiness and appreciation for what we have. In the end, we all have so much to be thankful for, and I think it would be amazing if more people could realize that and truly be thankful this season. Not only do I wish for people to BE thankful, I wish people could act upon it, show their appreciation, and do something nice for another person that they are thankful for.


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