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26 Jun Be Here Now – The Joy Project


It’s a new day & there are two things we can be sure of. One, that life only exists in the present moment & two, that our lives will end. Guaranteed.
Makes you think doesn’t It?


This picture must be – judging by the length of my son’s golden locks which got him mistaken for a girl on a regular basis- from about 5 years ago. A sunny,in the park, up a tree, ice cream eating kind of an afternoon. I wasn’t there, not in the park, up a tree or eating ice cream. Most probably because I was in work, but looking at this photo made me realise how much of the time back then I wasn’t really there even when I was.
Never fully “present”.Because my mind was so often focused on something in the future.Something I was working towards. Be it a new career,the perfect body or training to run a marathon. Distracted by not feeling good enough,anxiety and negative thoughts. Always chasing something that I thought would make things better and not seeing the good that surrounded me. Everybody missed out. My beautiful kids,my family,my friends and most of all me.
When I see old photos and know that behind my smiles I was all too often distracted feeling anxious & stressed.


I’m so grateful to have since discovered the joy that comes from being in the moment, I don’t want to waste any more minutes.


But when those old habits -especially the thief of now anxiety- want to return I try to get back to the here and now. By taking a deep breath, looking around, focusing on a joy trigger -gratitude seems to work best- what can I find in that moment to say thank you for?- and then hit the re set button. One thing at a time.


We can tell ourselves that we’re too busy, that we have to rush and multi task. We can wait until we get whatever we think will make us good enough to enjoy life…to look how we want to look in a bikini(that was a big one for me), to be wealthier, be married or have a better job.Or we can learn that we are good enough already(you are you know- your amazing) and choose to live life now.


This morning as we walked to the school bus it hit me looking at 8 week old Charlie how my two other children have grown up so fast and how I wanted to stop time or even to rewind it. Eleven year old Jess said to me “just enjoy it all now Mum”.


She’s right because NOW is the only place that life exists. You can’t change yesterday, tomorrow hasn’t happened yet & today is here. Plans, excitement & goals for the future are great but dont miss out on today.
Whatever this moment is throwing at you, pay attention to it, even if you are struggling to enjoy it look for the good. Say thank you for the moment and thank you for being a living breathing human on this adventure called life.


If you’d like to be a part of finding & sharing more joy join me & the Joy Project community at


These are the daily Joy Triggers…follow them all, follow one or two just take what works for you. There are no rules.💖🌸💖


1. Don’t Pressure Yourself to be Perfect – It’s OK if some days don’t go to plan. Life always throws unexpected things into the mix and we are all human. But now you know that when you are ready you can choose to get back on the JOY TRACK!


2. Gratitude -Begin a gratitude list and add 3 things each morning and night that you are grateful for. Seeing and saying thank you for all the good in your life now opens the door for more to come in.


3. Kindness- Be kind to others. Take all opportunities, each day, to show kindness. This could be opening a door, letting a car out in traffic or paying a compliment.


4. Joy Exchange – Avoid negative conversations and say goodbye to habits like gossiping, blaming and complaining. Ask yourself will these thoughts, words or actions have a positive effect on you or others if the answer is no “let them go” -walk away, or find the joy instead.


5. Fresh air –Spend time outside every day (not on your smartphone) – There is something about getting outside that gets you into the moment. A walk, jog or even standing outside your back door and looking up at the sky. This can do wonders on a stressful day.


6. Love -Start a list of things that you love and add to it each day – similar to a gratitude list, things that feel good to think about…perhaps they are in your life now or things you want to bring in. Mine includes baby Charlies’s tiny toes, sparkles, sunshine, blue skies, alien perfume, Audi A6’s, airports and laughter.


7. Kindness – to YOU. Pay yourself a compliment when you look in the mirror, smile at your reflection. Try to stop criticising or putting yourself down. This is about learning to be your friend.


8. Giving – Without expecting to receive. Give time, love, a tip in the coffee shop, donate to charity – it’s up to you.


9. Visualise The Life You Love – Before you sleep at night (or any time you won’t be interrupted) create in your mind the life you want to live and how you want to feel. This is the time for dreaming big, no limits – remember how as a child you knew everything was possible? Everything is possible but first you need to see it…create a vision that makes you excited. If nothing else it puts you to sleep with a smile and that is always a good thing!


10. Your Personal Joy Trigger – Something personal to you that makes you feel good instantly. For me it’s playing a favourite song first thing in the morning (or anytime an instant mood lift is required!) It could be a photograph, a memory, something that instantly fills you with positive energy.



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