Be a Bit Nicer to You

10 Dec Be a Bit Nicer to You

Ever find yourself stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts about yourself that just seem to grow & grow? The other week my mind ran off on itself completely…what started off as feeling annoyed with myself for not having my “own” money for a shopping trip ended up hours later with me awake in bed at 3am crying having decided I was absolutely useless and even thinking that a friend I hadn’t seen in ages obviously didn’t like me anymore because I wasn’t good enough.


Finally in the midst of blowing my nose and feeling thoroughly sorry for myself my rational and true voice shouted loudly “STOP this Hannah – would you ever judge anyone else the way you are judging yourself right now?” and the answer is no. Of course I wouldn’t. We spend more time with ourselves than anyone else and that time is much more likely to feel enjoyable if we are a bit nicer to ourselves. No one deserves to feel shit.


That goes for comparing yourself to others on social media too – it does not matter at all what anyone else is doing, what they look like, what they appear to have. None of it is a reflection of you and the amazing person you are.


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