Backroom Sessions + Bause 2 Mason EP

22 Sep Backroom Sessions + Bause 2 Mason EP



I’m Bause Mason, a young local from Miami dedicated to “Putting The Bottom Of The Map. On The Map”.


I’m the Founder & Director of “Backroom Sessions”. An event that bloomed from a hardship in my life and became the waterhole for talented youth across my city. Lost souls found their way by finding themselves as their creative selves began to shape and take life. A community began to be built and a team arose behind me filled with life long friends who now cater to the movement catalyzing a collective force. We see ourselves as the offspring of immigrants as First-Generation Americans cultivating a culture derived from an array of backgrounds & Nationalities.


I personally see it as the Renaissance. A Rebirth of The Arts in an evolving landscape that is driven by millennials as the forefront of business changes. We handle all matters effortlessly through contemporary platforms of communication in a time where the mass of interconnected beings make networking easy. The years of friendship among my companions also helps a ton.


I Invite you to be part of this movement in any way you can. I’m growing here at home and expanding through different parts of the city… But, this is about a Revolution, so I want us all there.


Instagram: @BackroomSessionsMIA
Twitter: @BackroomSeshMIA
Snapchat: BackroomMIA

Thank you for your time.

Bause Mason (Rudy C. Flores)
Founder & Director


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On a side note, I just released a project, “Bause 2 Mason” (Feel Free to use in your posts)


It gravitates around a set of travels I took in early 2016 and I’ve sampled a conversation I had with a Local in San Pedro, Belize throughout each song. It’s a quick 21 Minute tape. I recently released it for my 23rd birthday (August 30th).


You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, & Soundcloud. I’ve provided the links before. I think it’s time to change the music scene and I’ve been writing for some time. This is the first time I become vocal about my music.I think this is the start of something as well.


I invite you to take a listen.


Thank you for your time.

– Bause Mason




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