Are You Open-Hearted?

21 Dec Are You Open-Hearted?

Please note that what we are about to share with you is strictly for open-hearted individuals.


This is for forward-thinkers who can see the world through a perspective other than their own.


This is a story from an enlightened young woman’s perspective. She speaks her truth. She not only writes words of wisdom on her Facebook, but she also hosts a discussion series called “Keeping it Candid,” speaks at spoken word events, acts, and serves as a voice for the millennial generation.


Her name is Patriana Jones & we appreciate her spirit! We hope you enjoy entering into her mind and connecting with her candid words:



I had a conversation with my dad as well as a few other individuals in regards to the launch of my blog, “Taboo Talker”. The first blog I wrote is called, “Masturbation is Self-Love” which basically explains how masturbation is a tool of self-love and the foundation of Sexual Confidence. A few individuals initiated conversation/debate with me via text or inbox, my father included, and stated that my article was a contradiction to their religious practices.


Although I was raised in a Christian household and do value some of its morals/values, I do not agree with the social constructs many belief systems teach when it comes to sex and sexuality.


Many belief systems tend to teach women to rely heavily their lessons of sex on men through marriage and typically tend to discourage people from masturbation.


I have a problem with this. So for those of you who do not see the value of masturbation, I pose this question to you:


Would you want someone else constructing your personality? I’m sure your answer is No. So please explain, why should I rely on someone else to construct my understanding of my sexuality?

Words by Patriana Jones


After reading Patriana’s story, we realized one of our team’s wishes is to share more uplifting stories of self-love like Patriana’s. We love uninhibited women who are speaking their truth. We believe they will help bring the world together courtesy of their transparency. If you read this article and a brilliantly beautiful woman comes to mind, please get in touch with us!


Words by Ashley Coffey of We Take Note | Photo Credit: @lets.reflect

  • Ashley
    Posted at 17:17h, 22 December Reply

    We deeply appreciate your candid spirit Patriana! We look forward to connecting with you in the near future!

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