14 Jul Answers

I wish that I could get answers as to why HH left my life. I was left clueless, scared and alone. I felt left out in the cold and deserted. I had just lost my job, my friend passed away from leukemia and it was coming up on my brothers 1 year anniversary of his passing as well. Definitely wasn’t a good time to be ghosted. But I was and by someone that I thought cared for me. I had tried to reach out a few months later and got no response. I have prayed, manifested and now placing a wish for answers. I can’t think of anything I may have done to deserve it but..I am making this wish in hopes that whatever answers I find will heal this ache in my heart and I will find peace with the situation. For awhile I missed this person, thought about them a lot. Thought about what their life was like nowdays and if we could meet for a coffee to catch up. I even thought at one point I had feelings for this person. Even if this person and I never spoke again, I still wish for answers.

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