Angel Wings Needs Feathers

16 Jan Angel Wings Needs Feathers

Hello Beautiful Universe,

Thank you for being alive and expressing gratitude today.  Gratitude is the key to attitude of altitude.  With the highest of gratitudes do I write this message and request from you:

My name is Marco Antonio Berrios.  On 2/27/99 I went to sleep in my own bed but woke up in a hospital bandaged, burned and not knowing if I was in a bad dream or actually in an accident.

I spent 19 days in the Intensive Care Unit, and flat lined on the 8th day.  I am fortunate to have spent time with God and given a second life.  I made sure to make use of this tremendous honor and taught people several forms of being rich in the heart.

I organized all day music events in NYC where 100% of all money after cost went to the kids, protested in New Orleans and several cities for human rights, and even gave food to homeless people while living in my van because even though I was also homeless, I at least had a van.

I always kept my faith and never stole, nor did anything Jesus wouldn’t.  It is a promise I made God and will never break.

Fortunately, I am currently blessed with a safe roof that allows me to rebuild my life after given many lessons on humanity and humility over the last two years.

Now, I am about to embark on a spiritual mission that will require 3 things in which I ask your assistance:

1. Prayer – Simply ask God and the Angels to always light the paths of all of his Angels, especially in the darkest hours.

2. Love – PLEASE put Love in the air.  Puppies, children, butterflies, holding doors for strangers, smiles; all of these things create lasting memories and are key because these “feelings” are like energy for the Angels, the more you do it, the more energy God’s army has.

3. Feathers – I need gas, food, boots and all sorts of supplies.  I have always been self sufficient and was not going to ask any of you for anything until a very special Angel asked me to make a wish on the Angelic wall.  <3

Fulfilling my promise, I ask that you please go to, scroll to the bottom until you see PayPal Donation link and please send feathers for these wings. This is not for a yacht or a robot but for survival and supplies for the next mission that serves all of the Earth.

Whatever you send is the correct amount. Your heart will tell you.  Please, Please, PLEASE send a mailing address so I can send you gratitude, my chosen attitude.

Appreciatively and Productively Yours,


Marco Antonio Berrios

  • Simonetta Lein
    Posted at 22:13h, 18 January Reply

    You are an amazing human being! When are yo uwriting your book? Have you ever read Converstations with God? Walsh, the writer, has a similar story and now he inpires millions of people. I think you have a similar path. Go ahead. We will support! Love The Wishwall Foundation

    • Marco
      Posted at 17:07h, 20 January Reply

      Wow! Gratsi! YOU are the amazing one for building this wall. I did release a few Chapters recently, they are available online now. The title: Touched by Fire.

      I will definitely look him up and connect some dots. Light workers always shine, even in their darkest hours :).

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