And they Giggled the night away

21 Nov And they Giggled the night away

Help. Not often we are able to pinpoint the defining moment in our childhood that molds us to who we’ve become decades later.

Hi , it’s not easy to introduce myself by name, for I’ve worn many hats that each name is assigned with , for simplicity, Call me willow .
It’s tempting to make wish for myself, I have incredible housing needs , but I’m not going to ask for that wish.
It’s rather complicated and with so many homeless people especially the thousands of children who are displaced , I would never be able to ask for a proper floor when these humans have no roof.

I’m going to reserve this wish for the women like my auntie in Vieques Island PR . It’s an island that received great support from many when we needed help pushing the military bases off target . We were the target , and we couldn’t take the bombing anymore.
If you know anything about our military, you’d be as proud as we Puerto Rican pride is.



We love and serve, but using our island to practice bombing target, left it’s mark much deeper than the ammunition crater could ever have.
The islanders, many of the children and women are sick w cancers, bone pain, general illness to us, but not general to the USA. We have the highest cancer rate in all of the territory islands per capita.

In the morning after a terrible difficult time with pain and night sweats, the very sick will rise at 3am to walk to a corner and wait for a taxi to take you to the pier where you take a 1.25 hour boat ride to the main island for medical care. And return with the masses with a collective prayer, please don’t let the ocean be rough .
I couldn’t do it anymore.I left in 2015 , but my family and friends stayed behind.

I wish you could please take pajamas, large scarves and maybe a few wigs to my people.
My aunties voice lights up when I tell her I’ll be sending flannel pjs .
We’re beautiful simple loving proud people. Thirteen years after the military left, the battle really began.
Many are so ill we’ve lost the giggles.
It would be such a blessing to help those who just need a bit more comfort as they pass through this world.

I pray you’re able to bring some comfort to these forgotten sacrifices the women of Vieques island have endured in the name of military accuracy. Being the host of bombings has changed the face of The land of the Valiant.

We’re never going to give in to the pain and suffering as long as we have hope for a few more hours comfort with family and friends supporting each other
Bless you in granting wishes
It’s a beautiful way .
Wish You Peace
Lolita ( keeper of sorrows )
De Vieques PR

  • Simo
    Posted at 15:15h, 21 November Reply

    Dear Wlo thank you so much for your wish. Tell us more. If our board decides to grant this wish, who can we send this package to? Where? We need more details? I sent there a way to have a video, any other communications? Please send us an email to Thank you!

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