Adopting a baby

08 Sep Adopting a baby

My name is Christina and my partner name Neil and we live in Dubbo NSW Australia we have known each other for 12 years.


When I was younger after the birth of our child no longer with us 💔.Unfortunately with years of trying for another baby we were told I was unable to have children due to an unauthorised sterilisation my tubes were cut😧😔 and my partner was diagnosed with a very low sperm count. That won’t get us down:

We are incredibly happy😊 and excited to extend our family.


Some things you should know about us:
. We love to laugh and do a Lot of it 😅.
. Yes We are guilty of sing out loud 😛.
. Lots of walking around the town, Garden, playing board games,cooking meals and trip out to the zoo…. These are few of our favourite things
(Picture that been snug for full affect 😉).


Family is EVERYTHING! to us we believe there are families you are born into and families you choose. We are blessed to have AMAZING people in both! We have regular family get-together with my family who lived local. We cherish these moments and can’t wait to have another family member to share these moments with.


Our promise to you:

.Your child will here I love you and will get lots of hugs and kisses.
.Your child will be how is to use their imagination and through play but will also be taught the important of value and hard work.
.Your child will always be loved,supported and encouraged do you speak their mind.
We are praying and thinking of you and your child that UV choosing us for our wish to have another baby in our life once again to grow up with and make loving memories the rest of our lights.
Can’t wait for our wish to come true thank you for reading our wish letter.

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