A Wish to Let Every Human Speak

03 Apr A Wish to Let Every Human Speak

This wish is for Every Human Being World Wide to HAVE A VOICE..
-World Wide people have little experience or means to communicate their situation, case, pleas, & facts of the reality around them to others out there who might have a way to aid their cries.
-Media & Journalism is limited or non existent in areas where most of the worst ‘hot-spots’ in war, conflict, disasters & emergency zones; man-made and/or natural disasters.
-Even in areas where media & journalist presence is, most is limited or ‘washed’ on stories getting out of areas where heavy Gov. Ops occur, and only certain details are released.
-Even in countries and areas of where the global communications can reach, Government entity & state policy can limit your access by devices and/or the access to certain sites, media, and areas of the internet. None of this allowing you to have a voice to anyone, and definitely not to the world.
-Ones ‘data’ is under scrutiny by either a company or agency – Everything you put out connected to ‘BigData’ and the Internet will be a measure to some scale and metrics of a ‘Virtual Dossier’ on the individual linked to such ‘data’. This type of history chain analysis on an individual can be harmful if ‘AI’ is making one under scrutiny to filter for their belief, opinion, ‘fact’/info giving, or any other filtering that limits one voice to be heard.
-Even if one decides to express their opinion or belief, in an even-tone or even in a passionate way..Yet, come to the table with valid information, inquiry, question, grievance, tort, data, insight, approach, etc.. that we let those voices be heard. We must not marginalize any human from a chance to speak.
-Even if people’s opinion, belief, points of talk, ‘fact-giving’, information, first-hand accounts, or ‘heat-of-the-moments’ is to be given.. it is not up to any entity to limit, marginalize, filter, or further impede their voice, or.a chance to one. And with that, also not in any retaliation or discouraged opposition to another – place any bounds on their right to express their mind. No entity by any ways and means – into cause disparity, dissonance, & discord to the balance of rights & responsibility in liberty & freedom – may operate in such capacity to limit or filter in nefarious or in unwarranted scrutiny, and lacking necessary evidence in due process. All this is set to limit ones voice.
-Ones voice and individual situation is unique. We all walk the same ground, yet we do not take each step the same. Each individual cannot be lacking necessary relevance or evidence to the facts of an event or situation, or its relative data, based on metrics laid out to ‘qualify’ what source data does & doesn’t exactly have to offer, finds reliable. Each person has something to offer, yet I do understand the standards of gathering this data is difficult in scope & reliability to accuracy, people are still willing to speak if they have the chance to feel & know they’re being heard, and without fear of backlash for expression. Once we just slow people to talk, and others just simply listen, we might find out some things, we’ll learn a thing or two.


Have better open talks, debates, exchanges, & realizing that there is more than what the news shorts told you about the situation of others in the places mentioned in some of those quick news bits.
-We must understand the barriers that limit ones voice. Language, emotional, cognitive, age, understandings, cultural, etc.. We must understand that not everyone can communicate fully what the heck they really mean, are saying.. nor do alot care in some ways. The world community is rising and growing, yet there are still barriers that limit communication from one party to another from people’s to people’s exchange and aid. We must account for all things that limit the effectiveness of ones voice.
-We must not allow our voice to be ‘pigeon-holed’ or discounted because others don’t like what’s necessarily expressed. We must take into account all aspects of all information & data of our reality. We must not feed assumptions & what might attack ‘core-belief’ if such does not confront the possibilities to cognitive dissonance. If one cannot handle information that rocks their understanding, do not limit possibilities of the info of another unless you can challenge by sound inquiry, research, testing, and sound results or insight into any claim or case at hand. This limits ones voice by calling their facts of less worth or weight, based on ones predisposition to their stance and perspective on reality.
-We must stop all the ways we limit these voices.
-We must not take for granted the right and responsibilities in such freedoms and liberties used in places, countries, where we can use a voice, our own voice. We must realize the power we hold, yet there are many who have been buried or filtered out from their voice reaching You, and I. We must haves way to let them have a voice.


-We Must simply, #LetEveryHumanSpeak

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