A Transitional Home for DV survivors

06 Aug A Transitional Home for DV survivors

Personal story of TRUTH!
I want every Domestic Survivor to experience safety, peace & love like I did, before I became homeless.


Please read my personal story:
I’m submitting my request in your charitable cause collaboration with my testimony of overcoming domestic violence, sexual battery, and homelessness.


In the year of 2013, I decided to leave my domestic violent relationship involving emotional, mental and the occasional physical abuse. I fled what I knew for 6 years and started all over. I hid in Pacoima California which was in a house with a Mexican family who the mother was an angry soul herself. I than hopped around 2 spots and landed in a home with a disabled lady for 3 years. It was an undercover transitional home for DV survivors. Here I could heal, restore and rebuild my life from the ruins of my past. I became an athlete who started to compete in Muscle Beach Competitions, work at the motion picture television fund and started to grow into a personal business woman.
Unfortunately the woman past away suddenly and this is when I experienced a journey of what most DV survivors would suffer, homelessness.


In that year, I filed up to 2 police reports involving violence robbery and sex battery when a predator followed me into the bathroom. This was a big case in Reseda, CA as this was a guy who they were looking for similar accusations.
I’m now in temporary safe care and using my voice to help the voiceless. I’m still not at a stable place however I will not stop trying to find a way to make a our community a better place and even give justice where needed.
My 2 storage units which were originally designated for my own belongings have now turned into a resource center for others who are currently homeless, recovering from prison loss, and even in transitioning into a place with need of resources to help ease their transformation.
The 2 organizations who have helped me are the following below. I only hope we can help each other in the future.


Francesca Esker


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