A Sewing Pattern Library for all

19 Aug A Sewing Pattern Library for all

My dream is to have a shop space to open my sewing pattern library to the world and to encourage more people to donate their old sewing patterns and to have an open library available to anyone interested in fashion, design, sewing etc. I would also like to have free sewing classes run in the evenings and a space that people can rent at a nominal rate (or free to those on low income) which includes a sewing machine and the basic tools required to make an outfit. The library started as a labour of love to make print/vintage/designer sewing patterns available to anyone who was interested in sewing.


Currently only the elite and collectors have access to the majority of the rare sewing patterns, and they can command anywhere upwards of £20-250 per pattern. We would also like to teach people how to upcycle their clothing and to create ‘once off’ pieces.


Currently we have approx 2000 sewing patterns(all self funded) which is very small when you consider that there are over 100 000 sewing patterns ever made, and most vintage patterns were made in each size.

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