A novel to give every foster child A voice,

27 Jul A novel to give every foster child A voice,

The manuscript for my memoir has been complete for a few months now and I’m ready to take a step towards the next level! My book reveals events that took place prior to my placement in the foster care system, as well as highlights the struggles I encountered as I transitioned through foster care and into adulthood. My goal is to spread awareness about foster care and shed light on children who are still struggling in the system. I hope to give every child a voice and show people that no matter what you go through or where you come from, with enough perseverance you can accomplish anything.


I would love to send my manuscript in for editing, but I need your help to make that happen. Once there, it will be reviewed to ensure that all minor kinks are smoothed out for printing. I would really appreciate your support and help to make my wish come true!


SYNOPSIS: At the mere age of 12, bright eyed and filled with hope for a better future, Erica, A blossoming youth has survived the unspeakable and raised her younger siblings in the process. Grasping for any sliver of promise she can fathom, she pulls herself out of an abusive environment where neglect and pain riddled her existence for years. Leaving everyone and everything behind, all the odds are against her on this journey through finding herself. Her mother failed her, her father failed her, and the foster care system failed her. As she battles her way through the world alone, she begins to flower into a beautiful young woman, though A life of heartbreak and disappointments have led her to this stranger she sees in the mirror. Day by day she figures out the world on her own, struggling to keep people close and years after her 18th birthday she finds herself haunted by her past. Every moment she’s ever encountered has led up to this day. The first day of the rest of her life, she doesn’t know it yet, but something is coming for her and it’s going to change her. The only question is will she let it be for the better or worse? Only time will tell.


Find me on IG and Twitter: @ericadecima
LINK: https://www.gofundme.com/FosterYouthBook

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