A new beginning

14 Sep A new beginning

Wishing everyone a beautiful day, and a sweet new year. September to me is the beginning.
A New Year of Change, Truths, and Ascension. 🙏🏻

Let’s welcome in love & compassion and continue to anchor in our light 💫

This ones for the Light Workers, thank you for being you & standing in your truth 🙏🏻

I know for all of us, it hasn’t been easy.
It’s been some crazy times, and we the light workers have been holding the light.
Thank you, I see you! I feel you, I’m with you. It’s been a journey, and we are in this together. United. 🤗

The human collective needs to come together now as one human race and unite and prosper among each other, and end the divide and conquer.

I can feel the shift coming, and things are moving and shifting by the day now, more and more TRUTH coming out and breaking through. It’s kind of magical as wild as it is right now. 🤍

We are shifting consciousnesses, we are breaking out of the systems, we are changing the frequency of our planet 🌎

We are creating our new reality, we are moving the collective forward even if some days it doesn’t feel like it.

The more we align with our truth, speak our truth, and be authentically ourselves.

Whenever I show up here, I show up to be as authentic as I can be and speak from the heart. God has put a lot on my heart lately and I’ve been searching for the words and then this came.

Keep anchoring in your light, keep anchoring love, keep spreading truth, the LIGHT Wins!! 🤍🤍 God Wins!!

Ps it’s a beautiful new moon, perfect time to bring in more change, shake things up, unravel more darkness and push more light further. We’ve got this. 🙌🏻

If you’re not 💯 percent sure what I’m talking about; that’s ok, start questioning everything you’re being told, start discerning and start tapping into your heart ♥️ and into the feeling of something and find your own Truths.

Your truth is yours, no one can tell you what that is but YOU

PS If this intrigues you, Ive had a lot of guests in the spiritual space lately on my podcast @everythingwithalilevine my latest @seawitchery check it out 🥰


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Ali Levine

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