A Letter from the Earth

08 Feb A Letter from the Earth

Here at We Take Note we try and fight discrimination with stories. As we continue to fight the labels life has placed on us, we’re reminded that this Earth is being discriminated against as well. How does the Earth express its feelings?


The Earth can’t write a post that goes viral. It’s up to us as citizens of this world to speak up for the Earth.


My wish is that all of us do what we can to treat the Earth with the respect she deserves. In order to do this I believe we should all get in touch with our inner feminist. Both men and women have to connect with their caring, loving, and understanding sides. This means distancing ourselves from our love of war and greed.


If we make this change, we will see the benefits. We will start seeing the Earth cool down, people becoming friendlier, and a prosperous world for our kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. I’m 24 with no kids yet. Who knows if I will have kids or even grandkids, but the way we are going now with the denial of climate change and lack of clean water for all I’m not sure if there will be an Earth for my great grandchild. But sharing this wish makes me hopeful. So let’s work together to make more positive dreams like this one a reality.

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