A home for my mommy!

15 Jan A home for my mommy!

My mother has been divorced since 1998, which pretty much left her to struggle with three kids all her life. Although we are grown now, her two daughters struggle as single parents, and my brother lives a very closed off life. I ruined my mother credit when she put a car in her name for me, shortly after I was homeless and couldn’t afford the car and it was repossessed by the lending company. Now my mother is homeless, living in between mines and my sisters house which causes a lot of stress for my mother who already has a lot of medical conditions.


She is diabetic neuropathy, a split disc in her back, which also causes complications at her job as she is required to stand on her feet all day (she walks with a cane) taking multiple breaks at a time due to the severity of the pain in her back and swelling of her feet. Unfortunately I can not afford to help my mother, or give her the things that she wants or deserves. I use to take her to work, now on top of working on the job there are days where she walks to my sisters house from work. I just want my mother to live comfortably without the stress and drama that comes with having to rely on others.


Sometimes we as her children do not make things any easier for her. I was hoping to find some kind of help. My mother does not have any friends really and is considered the black sheep of the family. Please help me find a way to help my mother and keep her lifted in prayer. She is a great grandmother to her grand babies and a great mother to her children, I just want my mother to know she is appreciated and she deserves a peaceful and loving home that she always tried to provide, but was never able to afford.

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