A chance to see my family

10 Apr A chance to see my family

the wish maker, I am mikahilu and I am 18years. I will soon be 19 by august my wish is that I so miss my family an wish to see them, they are in west Africa Nigeria that my wish and what I dream all the time am in east Africa in uganda schooling as a medical student I have been here for about a year now without seeing my parents, siblings and most my little sister.



I wish to get a chance for someone to help grant my wish my helping me with a ticket to go see them at home that my wish so I can see them and to see my little sister.
In my previous findings the ticket cost will be about $700 am not requesting for money anyone can help buy it for me and email it to me in uganda were am studying right now to be a doctor and move into BME and research so I can help Africa and the world.


Thank you the wish maker I pray my wish gets granted thank you love you all bless

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