5 Ways to embrace the Christmas spirit

25 Dec 5 Ways to embrace the Christmas spirit

Christmas: The time of giving!


Christmas truly is a time of giving. Of course this is showcased quite literally through the giving of presents but more profound than this is the giving of our time, energy and love to people, whether we know them or not. A smile, a hug, a phone call and genuine openness that at other times throughout the year seems less common.


Why is this?


I’ve always found it inspiring to walk the streets in the festive season and simply recognise and absorb the sense of connection and community that exudes form everyone, like some kind of timed release of love.


Fundamentally we love to love. Whether it’s giving or receving there is no better feeling in the world than feeling connected. The beauty of this very simple truth is just that; it’s simple. And because of that we all have the capability to to connect and make ourselves and other feel this way at the drop of a hat.


With that said, here’s 5 immediate ways you can embrace the spirt of Christmas to give love to yourself and others:


1) Pick up your phone right now (like, now!), call the most important person in your life and tell them you love them. Hint: family member, best friend, person who showed you support and faith in 2018
2) Treat yourself. Christmas is all about the giving but don’t forget to give to yourself. Think of something you love to do and make sure you do it. It could be a type of food, your favourite drink, an activity or something entirely different but put it your diary and do it before the New Year!
3) Smile at the next person you see and mean it- even if you don’t know them!
4) Next time you say “Merry Christmas” to someone, also add “But I want you to have a merry time when it’s not Christmas”. Feel free to add your own flavour to this.
5) Share this article with someone you know.


So as we get ready for another awesome holiday period, I’d love to wish you of course a Merry Christmas….. and remember to be merry well into the new year too!


Sebastian Terry


Founder of Kindsum

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