Showoff The Wishwall & The Wishmaker

06 Feb Showoff The Wishwall & The Wishmaker

We are all captivated by magic of a wish and the hope and belief that it can actually come true.


Only a soul that radiates beauty can create a charity that offers others the belief that their wish can actually come true by daring someone to make a wish and have the courage to post on The Wishwall, Simonetta Lein’s own charity she founded in late 2015.


This beautiful woman I’ve come to know, is also known as The WishMaker. Simonetta’s credentials are truly impressive. She has been touted as a Fashion Icon, Author, Influencer, Brand Ambassador, Millennial, and Activist.


In addition, Simonetta was a columnist for Vanity Fair Italy, and is a contributing fashion and lifestyle journalist for the Huffington Post and featured in Vogue Italy, Elle Italy, Style Italy, Destination Luxury, Philadelphia Metro just to name a few!


Simonetta Lein, The WishMaker, is the Founder and creator of The Wishwall Foundation, and uses her celebrity status to join people together by using the magic of our dreams and wishes to inspire others to want to get involved in her global movement by uniting humanity through art, fashion, and goodwill.


The movers and shakers, dreamers and doers, audience and performers all can relate to the power of a dream.


It is this palpable excitement of being part of something as powerful as bringing someone’s wish to life, that has led myself down the path work with Simonetta Lein, The WishMaker, and The WishWall Foundation.


It is my dream to help Simonetta Lein, The WishMaker continue to spread the word about her beautiful charity, The WishWall Foundation and raise necessary funds to continue to grant wishes to the courageous people who dare to dream and post their message on The WishWall at


For a limited time, Simonetta Lein has partnered up with luxury fashion designer, Shahaida Pariades in their Heart2Heart campaign, and now offers her own stunning, vibrant luxury capsule collection of dresses, and outfits which will generously donate 30% of each sale to Simonetta’s non-profit, The WishWall Foundation, which will help The WishMaker to continue to bring more wishes to life.


Shop, donate or dare to dream and make a wish! Either way, we welcome you to The WishWall Foundation‚Ě£ Please visit:



With your continued support, Simonetta Lein, The WishMaker can continue to change peoples lives by make their wishes come true.


The lives changed by granting wishes is both touching and inspiring and I encourage you to read some of the stories!🍃🌸
Simonetta and myself, Jody Barrett, owner of Showoff By Design, a luxury brand social media marketing company, have joined forces to establish ourselves as a dominant duo and social media force to be reckoned with,(Oh yes I did!😁) In addition, we have combined audience and presence, with views that reach in excess of a million and counting, that sets us apart in the social media arena of marketing, Influencer and brand ambassador status.


New heights…Think #SonicBOOM 💥😜 Just sayin’!😘


I am honored to be part of such a beautiful foundation. When You Wish Upon A Wall… You just never know! ; )


Soaring indeed…
With Love & Hugs,
Jody Barrett

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