24 Feb Talented

I wish I'm gifted with talent (all kind of talent in the world). I want to be able to play all the instruments in the world, I want to know how to do karate, I want to know how to dance, etc. I want to...

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11 Feb Wish Granted for MeritEdNigeria

A wish granted.   Project MeritEdNigeria is targeted at empowering 30 girls in northern nigeria(Keffi) have access to digital literacy, they will be trained in social media marketing, programming(Python and Java) and graphic design. The wish wall foundation supported us financially with 6 Laptops and internet subscription to...

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08 Jan Smile4Water

“Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day” this is a common saying we all know.   Water is essential for us human to survive. On average people like us, we have enough source of water to drink whenever and wherever we want. We can open...

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17 Jun The Simonetta Lein Literacy Awards 2019

A WISH GRANTED – Simonetta Lein, Founder and Vice President of the WishWall Foundation receives Literacy Award in Nigeria, donates iPads to Students. On Thursday, 6th of June, 2019 in Nigeria, iRead To Live Initiative hosted its 4th Annual Literacy Competition in honor of Simonetta Lein...

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04 Jun #WishGranted: The Simonetta Lein Literacy Awards 2019

#WishGranted - The Simonetta Lein Literacy Awards 2019- for Children in Nigeria.   iRead To Live Initiative ( non-profit organization in Nigeria announces its 4th Annual Literacy competition in Honor of Simonetta Lein for her support towards quality education in Nigeria and around the world.   We are thrilled...

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19 Apr The Nigerian-Girl Child Literacy Project 2019

#WISHGRANTED #THE NIGERIAN GIRL-CHILD LITERACY PROJECT 2019   Today, we are excited and grateful to Simonetta Lein, Executive Director of the Wish Wall Foundation and every board member of the foundation for supporting 100 Nigerian Girl Child with school bags, sandals, sanitary pads and exercise books. The Executive Director...

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22 Mar The Nigerian-Girl Child Literacy Project 2019

15th March, 2019 THE GIRL-CHILD LITERACY PROJECT 2019!!! STATUS OF THE WISH GRANTED   Sequel to my pledge made, I am excited to inform you about the status of the purchase of the items (School Bags, Sandals, Exercise Books and Sanitary Pads). Due to certain unforeseen circumstances and the adjustment...

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14 Dec Wishwall made the Philippines smile

Thank you so much Wishwall Foundation for granting our wish!   We are very grateful to be part of your advocacy. As you extend your hands here in the Philippines, we were able to receive hundreds of joyful heart and smiles from the 180 indigenous children of...

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