17 Oct The love of my life

My wish is for me and James to be together. Everytime he looks at me, my heart literally speeds up. I think about him all day and night.   - Hi Imani, although your wish is very short and not what we usually receive, we found it...

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13 Oct HOPE BOXES – A wish granted

Giving HOPE is priceless. Last week we donated “THE HOPE BOXES” to Dignity Housing - supporting girls. These girls are daughters of single moms and they are victims of domestic violence. They received help and support by Dignity Housing and last week we celebrated them....

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20 Jul desk4kids

The Elementary School of Bameto Bansoa in west Cameroon was founded in 1973. The parents are so poor they cannot even maintain the infrastructure.   I am the first generation of that school, and I was so blessed to end up in the USA where I serve...

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19 Jun The Healing Power of Prayer

You may have already noticed that we live in a “fallen” world. Every where we turn, there are physical and emotional sicknesses, evil behaviors, sufferings, terrorism, corruption and the list goes on.   We hear negative news all around us and we feel bad and saddened when...

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18 Mar A help to fight autism

My wish is that my Grandson, Micajah (Ma-Ki-Ja) will one day be afforded the opportunity to learn to talk again and fight autism. Micajah lost his Mother in a tragic accident on September 27, 2014. He was only 9 months old.   He was born on Christmas...

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03 Mar Beauty

I want to become a beautiful like Makkenzy Cristian Foy.   This desire to completely change my life. I will be quite different and will move with her mother to New York.   I very much hope that my wish will come true...

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