31 Aug I can Dream Again (Project EmpowerHER)

Thank you to theWishwall Foundation Founder for the opportunity to be shortlisted for Project EmpowerHER. Feeding my children has been a great challenge. My husband is a daily paid labourer. Days he doesn't get job, we literally struggle to feed. I have always wanted to...

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17 Aug Hope Again ( Project EmpowerHER)

Thank you to the wishwall foundation. Feeding and catering for my children has been difficult. I never believe someone could give me money to kickstart a business considering the economy of my country and I stay in a village. The business training opened my mind...

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09 Aug Project EmpowerHER

Nigeria has one of the highest burdens of childhood malnutrition, thus a large number of children are at risk of its far-reaching long-term consequences. The Executive Secretary of the State Primary Healthcare Board Plateau State, Dr Livinus Miapkwap said it is already alarming that children between...

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04 Aug Project MeritEdNigeria

More than 130 million girls did not go to school today – a number so big if it were its own country, it would be the 10th largest in the world. If we start counting these girls from one right now, we wouldn’t reach 130...

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21 Jul Life time wishes.

By the grace of Dear God, Heavenly Father. Thank You eternally for the abundance in my life. Please please make it continue after I have sold my business thank you dear GOD Ji. Please take all my worries away such as not having to worry...

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13 Jul CoronaVirus end this year

Dear LOrd in heaven from Matthew Alan Clark March 26 1987 MY prayers are about the sickness coronavirus and changing earth into a heavenly place where pain and aches can heal faster and change Hell into another place where no burning up appear the people...

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28 Jun Project EMPOWERHER

Malnutrition of children witin the age range of 0-5 is prevalent in Northern part of Nigeria. To combat this requres alot of intervention. We want to thank the Wish Wall Foundaton for granting our wish to intervene. The Wish Wall Foundation will be giving 2months...

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01 Jun MeritEdNigeria Third Batch

We are extremely grateful to the wish wall foundation support to ensure that girls living in Northern Part of Nigeria(Niger State) access digital skills.   The Last batch training for MeritEdNigeria project is scheduled to kick start on the 5th of July,2021. The generosity of the wish...

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