16 Nov Lasting Impact (Project EmpowerHER)

When creating change and impact, it has to be holistic. Project EmpowerHER aimed wasn't to give food supplies to mother's with malnourished children but also to equip them by starting a small medium enterprise. It's amazing to see these woman rise and managing their business...

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08 Nov Project EmpowerHER

One of the core reason why we embarked on Project EmpowerHER was to ensure women with malnourished children secure a sustainable way to fed for their children. We are glad that the WishWall Foundation granted this wish. Women that benefitted can now purchase healthy meals...

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01 Nov Life Giver (The Amabile Family Food Drive)

We want to specially thank the Amabile Family for providing 2 months food supply to women who benefited from Project EmpowerHER grant and also families with malnourished children. It was given when the state had undergone security challenge and families needed food items. The families...

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11 Oct Thank you (Project EmpowerHER)

During the training session for Project EmpowerHEr. The women were paying keen attention to their facilitator. Equipping the women with skills and roadmap to kickstart their business was very defining for project EmpowerHER. "We are forever grateful to thewishwall foundation and Ms Simonetta Lein says...

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05 Oct I am Empowered(Project EmpowerHER)

I live in Foibor Village, Jos East, Plateau State, Nigeria and it was difficult to feed my family. Thanks to project EmpowerHER, I started selling food(Cook meals) and the lesson learnt from the training has helped me in managing my Small Medium Enterprise. I am...

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27 Sep Amabile Family Food Drive

18th of September, 2021 was a great day for 15 families with malnourished children. Through The Amabile Family Food Drive, they received food supplies that will conveniently sustain them for 1month and half. The families were overjoyed and happy. Feeding has been challenging for some...

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