17 Jan What are you doing for others?

What are you doing for others?   Yesterday we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr day and answered his question, “what are you doing for others”, by coming together on the King Holiday to serve with our neighbors and communities. How did you celebrate? I unfortunately was home...

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10 Jan 11:11 What does it mean to you?

11:11 What Does It Mean to you?   Do you ever look up at the clock and notice it’s 11:11? Does it happen to you often? Do you make a wish when you see 11:11?   Some people believe the numbers 11 and 1111 are considered to represent new...

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06 Jan My dream boy

My only wish in my life is to know about Harry Styles personally and to understand his true character which the camera doesn't shows about him. All the people around me used to tell that this is never gonna happen as they used to treat...

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NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS DO NOT WORK   The New Year approaches and as usual there are great hopes, dreams and resolutions to make for the coming year.   What is a New Year's resolution? It is a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or...

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31 Dec Keep Your Head Up – Focus On The Positives

Everyone faces challenges in their life. When life gets hard, positivity is the most important thing. Keeping a good attitude can make the difference between pushing through it and letting it consume you. Sadly, many people don't have the support they need and don't know...

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17 Dec Chasing my dreams – Being a Top Model

Ever since I was little I always dreamed about changing someone's life and inspiring them to be something great. I feel as if I'm getting closer and closer as I get older to living my dream.   Last season at age 16 I walked New York fashion...

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