04 Aug Wish for Mothers

I wish for all mothers, especially new mothers to know, you’re ok to feel everything you feel. You’re amazing, you’re incredible, you are a gift to your children, to those around you & most importantly to yourself. Pour love into you and on the hardest...

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03 Jul Merit Ed tech covid19 report

Our Merit Ed-Tech project to provide displaced girls in northern Nigeria proudly sponsored by the Wish Wall Foundation began in February 220 with a batch of 30 girls benefitting from the project. They were undergoing trainings on graphics design, Python language, coding and JavaScript to be...

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07 Apr Health. Healing. Heart.

I am an African American woman with mental health disorders. I wish there was a place that provided a sense of belonging for women like me. A safe space to find faith, hope and love.   An environment to connect with professionals and other women that reflect...

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24 Mar Wish granted for MeritEdNigeria

Project MeritEdNigeria to train 30 girls in social media marketing and programming ongoing. The girls are learning new concepts and are getting to know some tools and app used online and also programming.   Due to the reported case of corona virus in Nigeria and Keffi, we...

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24 Dec MeritEdNigeria

Is poverty sexist? I think not! However, situations in Northern Nigeria has made it quite unfortunately true. More than 130 million girls did not go to school today – a number so big if it were its own country, it would be the 10th largest in...

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27 Nov Rebirth – a wish granted in Africa

The Wish Wall granted our wish to impact low income earning women in rural communities by training them on how to sew and gifting them with sewing machines to start up. An entire community will be uplifted with training and sewing machines making the women...

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23 Sep Funds to Help Cancer Victim Spread Love

Help a cancer victim show the power of love, spread the MESSAGE of love, and encourage people to be tested regularly for breast cancer.   The first step is raise funds to helping return Christine to good health, who was diagnosed with Stage IIIB breast cancer last...

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10 Sep Life is an Adventure, Not a Race!

Let me start off by saying it IS normal and we’ve all done it, now that I got that out of the way, I’m talking about comparing. Comparing ourselves to others; their looks, their success, their home life, honestly it’s a pretty normal thing that...

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31 Jul I wish i could hug my daughter!

After moving from California to Kansas in 2009 with the father of my 4 daughters. we had a ugly breakup in 2014. He moved back to California and took my Savannah with him. I haven't seen her in 5 years. She was 10 when she...

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