26 Oct Postpartum Depression

For any mother reading this who’s felt dark or felt alone, you’re not alone. For any woman who’s felt they lost themselves and lost their identity, I see you. Please honor your feelings and know they are completely okay and normal. I have felt these...

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20 Oct Scars have Stories

Isabella was seven years old when she got pinned under a car in the suburbs of New Jersey. This tragic accident was the beginning of the rest of her life. With no way to cover or hide the scars, she would have to face a...

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12 Oct A Queen As Prey

A Queen as Prey By Miriam Grunhaus   When beautiful, multi-talented, and gifted Shakyra fell in love; she thought she had found her soulmate and life would begin… she didn’t know that the following years would prove to be the most challenging of her life, breaking her soul,...

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05 Oct No One Can Stop a Thriver from Thriving

No One Can Stop a Thriver from Thriving By Miriam Grunhaus   She carries her daughter and tends to her with the same love as any mother enamored by the joys of motherhood and the excitement of creating life, tending to her with care and devotion and raising...

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30 Sep In this together

This one is for my mom’s. Mama’s I know these days are extra hard, extra long, extra emotional, extra all the things!! Wr are in this together. Feeling every emotion, struggle, hurdle, triumph. All the feels. Some days we feel like super woman other days we...

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28 Sep Mended with Gold

Mended with Gold   She illuminated my soul with the light that radiated from her being. Maybe I am sensitive to seeing the “gold” in others, their Kintsugi gold. You see, there was a time when my own life fell apart. We are usually able to pick...

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16 Sep MOVE ON

I don't know who needs to hear this, but that crush you've been thinking about and questioning why they don't reciprocate the same energy you give? Move on, sis. You'll never win their affection. And you shouldn't have to fight for it. Liking someone doesn't mean...

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14 Sep Grace for Moms

Mama I’m tired too, I see you, I feel you. It’s okay to give yourself grace. It’s ok to breakdown and melt down. You are doing an amazing job incase nobody told you yet today. Grace mama, you’re allowed to give yourself it. We carry all the weight...

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19 Aug A Sewing Pattern Library for all

My dream is to have a shop space to open my sewing pattern library to the world and to encourage more people to donate their old sewing patterns and to have an open library available to anyone interested in fashion, design, sewing etc. I would...

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