18 Jul UNSILENCED: Behind The Wall

"Talk about all the other things that contribute to a situation that has given, over the years, so many people so many reasons to say, "Me too." And then: Do something about them. But also: Be specific about them. Resist conflation. Resist expansion. Resist entropy....

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18 Jun Save the girls

  Hello I m Ajit Nandal, former member Indian Hockey team. Cricketer Gautam Gambhir and myself are only sportsmen who have adopted underprivileged girls in India   I would like to urge world sports fraternity to come forward and adopt needy girls.   Thanks pls follow me on twitter....

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04 May My daughter is also my hero ☺️🙏

Hi all my daughter is doing fundraising with relay for life for cancer as she also donated blood today. I’m very proud of her as she raised close to $1300.   She inspires me always and is my hero. I wanted to share this with U ☺❤🌎🙏...

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06 Apr Over All

I hope I can join in over all and have of the recognition. I just want that. -What type of recognition are you looking for? The only real recognition comes from you and within you. We see you and you are in The Wishwall now, so you...

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13 Mar Gender equity

Each company will openly publish statistics on salary level per managing level between M and F. This will be compulsory to communicate to new hired people....

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06 Mar Snacks for the soul

Hello ! I do not have a fluent English, but I will try to help me with Google   I am a daughter, wife, mother, entrepreneur and survivor of thyroid cancer. Fighting cancer made me understand how difficult it is to live with so many dietary restrictions when...

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27 Feb What Makes You Brilliant?

I wish to make our IAmBrilliant Campaign website more reflective of the work we do across the United States. We are an inclusive initiative that connects peoples gifts and passions to their communities. To further this self-funded grassroots endeavor, we need a stronger website that...

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23 Jan To empower women through FSP luxury footwear

  My name is Christina Jean Durante, Founder and creative director of Femmes Sans Peur, which translates to "Fearless Women." For more than a decade, I have designed shoes for well-known companies. Recently, I came across a void in the market for accessible luxury fashion footwear...

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