17 Apr Uncluttered-discovering strength & purpose in life

Here are testimonials - As a mental health professional and advocate, I found such value in this incredible book. Contrasted with her award-winning last book, Lisa takes a poignant and below-the-surface look at how clutter and chaos reflect our inner struggles and the need to fill...

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04 Apr Education To Change The World

Hello I hope you are doing well. I am reaching out as we are in a desperate way. My daughter who is an inspiration to so many has muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy is a Goodwill Ambassador and raises awareness. She wants to "Change The...

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WE WANT TO EMBRACE WOMEN RIGHTS TO BE PROTECTED FROM THE PORN INDUSTRY. WE APPEAL TO THE RIGHT OF OBLIVION. Please sign the petition With current legislation, if you acted in pornography and you want to change your life, there is no law that protects women...

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10 Mar Save Women & Girls from Porn Harms & Exploitation

Hello everyone! is a nonreligious, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. We work to prevent and combat the devastating harms of pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking and sexual slavery, as well as all other forms of sexual exploitation and abuse, through public education and advocacy. We are against pornography...

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22 Feb Protect Girls and Women

With every fiber of my being -  down to my DNA stored intracellularly collected for 40,000 years, my DNA remembers the Female Holocaust of 500 years of witch burnings, my DNA remembers so much past trauma to women and children and I want to release...

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06 Feb To Protect Human Rights from Pornography

Hello, Thank you firstly, Simonetta, for guiding me here. The Wish Foundation is truly an innovative and inspiring concept. and I'm very grateful to have this opportunity. My wish is a rather big one as it branches into the sphere of legislation.  I am UK based but...

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04 Feb Interview Wishwall Foundation

Hi, My name is Lioness TeLaine and I am an interviewer and radio personality based in Dallas, Texas, United States. I host a show called The Outlet on Power 214 Radio which is sponsored by All Star Magazine, one of the most prominent leaders in urban content...

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