14 Sep A new beginning

🤍🤍 Wishing everyone a beautiful day, and a sweet new year. September to me is the beginning. A New Year of Change, Truths, and Ascension. 🙏🏻 Let’s welcome in love & compassion and continue to anchor in our light 💫 This ones for the Light Workers, thank you for...

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23 Aug Thrive again (Project EmpowerHER)

Thank you to the wishwall foundation for empowering and equipping me. I became a widow 7years ago and feeding my kids became a struggle. I had to beg and do all sort of menial job to get meals for my children. I really wanted to...

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16 Aug Accept your body

Why is it sometimes it’s so hard to be happy with our body? I’m grateful what my body has done for me in giving me my two beautiful healthy amazing angels!! And in that same moment of gratitude here I am pulling on my skin, my...

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  Slavery is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. There are more people enslaved right now than there were during the transatlantic slave trade period between the 15th and 19th centuries. 🤯 Slavery generates three times the revenue of the NFL. With the money from all...

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12 Jul Family unit

Hope everyone had a happy 4th!! 🇺🇸 We enjoyed our freedom and spent time with the ones we love ❤️ and making memories with our girls!!       We are enjoying the fresh mountain air, the healing and goodness of nature, and family time 🤗   I will have lots...

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21 Jun Motherhood and honoring your journey

God couldn’t be everywhere and therefore he made Mother’s “ 🥰 💕 Whether you’re a mama to be, waiting to be a mom, are an angel mom, are a step mom, a surrogate, mom of multiples, or a new mom, I honor you.   I never knew how much...

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