19 Apr Do you run your day or your day runs you?

How do you start your day? Do you start present or are you already allowing the external to dictate what’s happening before the day has begun? Is the day running your or are you creating your day? This is not something I was aware of till recently, till...

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12 Apr Mama don’t forget you

Some days look like this, actually a lot of days lately do They are exhausting and can feel defeating I remind myself I am fearless and I will get through another day It’s easy in motherhood to forget ourselves and to let those limiting beliefs sneak in Mama’s we...

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30 Mar Mama I am tired too

Oh mama, I know you’re tired. I see you, I feel for you. I’m tired too. This wish is for any mama, really any stage but especially new mama’s who are tired, struggling, running on fumes. I’m here for you.   These days are SO long lately, especially...

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15 Mar Limitless Beliefs

  When we start to tap into who we are as individuals, and not compare ourselves to the outside or to something that’s been told to us as the status quo, we start to find our true inner beauty. We start to realize all those doubts,...

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12 Mar Ronke Ajibade MeritEdNigeria

Thank you so much to the Wish Wall Foundation Founder for your support. I now have a knowledge of using social media to market my programming skills. If not for the Merited Project, i will probably be at home doing nothing but with this skills...

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09 Mar Allowing your own vulnerability

Vulnerability is taught to us as weakness but really when we dive into, when we allow it, it’s strength. It’s something that takes a lot of courage and isn’t easy to do. It’s a skill I am learning to tap into more and more As a mother, you...

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24 Feb Intuition

I know we are all doing our best right now. As I am too. Sending love to everyone. Today I want to talk about our intuition. Our intuition is a huge part of us. When you tap into our intuition, we raise our frequency and we...

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22 Feb Fadila Yusuf Wish granted MeritEdNigeria

My Name is Fadila Yusuf and i want to thank the Founder of the WishWall Foundation for the opportunity to learn Social Media Marketing and Javascript programming language.Before now i couldn't operate a computer but the trainers taught me how to and also how to...

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