25 Nov Embrace “The Other”

  Thanksgiving was yesterday in the States and it is a moment to embrace. For many it was a time of turmoil, but we should learn important lessons from our election-based conversations like how to embrace "The Other."   It may be hard, but we have to realize...

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11 Nov Contacting Bono with This Important Message

How Does ONE World Contain and Maintain Three Levels of Difference? ONE In a burgeoning Global Neighborhood, how can it be that individuals still speak of first, second and third world problems? There’s only ONE world. Change starts with ONE individual, spreads to ONE issue, ONE community...

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02 Nov More Than Skin Deep – Stop Racism

With Halloween happening earlier this week, we felt like now would be as good a time as any to write this post. We saw a lot of fun, playful, and even scary costumes (the Trump ones in particular were most frightening to see). But in...

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26 Oct Bob Dylan Uses the N-Word for Good

Music has a powerful ability to change the world. That’s what we realized when ‘Hurricane’ by Bob Dylan fatefully played on our Pandora station this week.   After being abruptly intrigued by the song because of Dylan’s use of the n-word, our team at We Take Note...

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19 Oct My Bare Body Does Not Equal Sex

  When we first met Gaby, we were immediately captivated by her fiery energy & passionate drive. She's of course a beautiful woman on the outside, but her brilliantly artistic mind makes us love her even more.   She has plans to make the world a more beautiful...

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12 Oct Finding My Voice

We always feel so honored when people from around the world reach out to us and open their hearts to us. This week, we will be featuring a story from a beautiful woman both inside & out who has found a way to express herself...

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05 Oct Breaking Through the Hollywood Color Barrier

So long September! We'll miss you. You treated cultural crusaders, like us, to some great entertainment moments. Last month shows staring Black, Hispanic & Asian leads received abundant acclaim, awards and accolades. Think you know which shows we're talking about? You've probably even watched an episode...

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03 Oct How to make friends after coming out?

Do you feel like it's been difficult to find or keep good friends after coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender?   It can be tough to feel different, but people are more open and accepting than ever before about differences in gender and sexual orientation....

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