14 Jun United in Pride

It's June, which means it's Pride Month. In L.A., the Pride parade transformed into #ResistMarch this year. Thousands of Angelenos hit the streets in solidarity. All of the signs and rainbow flags filled the air with joy and showed us that we are still united...

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07 Jun One Love Manchester

It's been about two weeks since the horrific attack in Manchester after an Ariana Grande concert and three days after another attack in London. While it's really sad that these attacks keep happening, it's really grand to see people stand together. The benefit concert pop singer...

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31 May We Will Not Be Deterred

My heart really hurts this week. Not only because of Memorial Day, which is reserved for the fallen soldiers who have fought for our country. But, my heart also hurts because of the racially-motivated stabbing that occurred in Portland this week. An individual was verbally harassing...

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24 May Pray for Manchester

My heart goes out to the kids and parents who had to go through the unfortunate events that occurred in Manchester Monday night. The phrase, "a parent should never have to bury their child" rings true now more than ever. Many concert goers were teens. Many...

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17 May I Hope You Celebrated Mother’s Day

I hope everyone had an amazing Mother's Day! As children, we view our mothers as superheroes because let's be honest, they are! Moms do everything from make our days better to never taking a day off. We also have to realize that they are humans as...

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10 May Nicki Does It All

Shout out to Nicki Minaj! This weekend she went on Twitter and paid for a bunch of kids’ tuition and student loans. It started with a promotional contest for a round trip to Las Vegas. When a Twitter follower said she'd rather have help with...

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03 May Still Thriving

This past week we had two more marches. On Saturday we had the Climate March held all over the world. People came out to show why they care about climate change. It was very powerful to see so many people from the rich to the...

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26 Apr Science You Are Our Only Hope

This past weekend there was a March for Science held across the world. I just want to talk about a subject that has been brought up recently. The term being used is politicized science. What if I told you science is both politicized and not?...

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19 Apr Start Talking

It's sexual assault awareness month. There has been quite a lot of talk about sexual assault in the past year. First we have the case of Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, followed by allegations against Robert Ailes and Bill O'Rielly. We constantly hear the sad excuse that...

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