14 Nov Help Blanket San Diego’s Homeless!

Each year, I raise money to buy $6 blankets for San Diego's homeless. There are estimated to be more than 10,000 people who are living outside. This time of year, temperatures can drop into the 30's and many do not have enough warm blankets to...

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31 Oct The Virtue of Science

Imagine you’re in a small African village ravaged by a deadly strain of malaria. What if you could find a treatment that could prevent infection and positively impact their lives and their community. How would that make you feel?   Replace that story with any problem plaguing...

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24 Aug Health Fairy!

As a child in the 1970’s my mother used to take me to the health food store. It smelled like cardboard and carob! I vowed when I grew up I would eat Captain Crunch and cookies for dinner instead of the healthy meals my mother...

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25 Jul My father is cured

Εύχομαι ο πατέρας μου ο Ιωάννης Σκιτζής να έχει ιαθεί πλήρως από τον καρκίνο του πνεύμονα.   I wish my father Ioannis Skitzis is completely cured from lung cancer....

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11 Jul Philanthropist – Guidance

Hello, my name is Seth C. Powers, My wish may not be money nor fame or any of these things we dream of day to day life. But my wish is to be a philanthropist or guidance. I am a only child, early twenties and...

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29 Jun Making a difference to Orphans in Russia

My name is Dr Gareth Worthington.   I am a scientist, writer and Muay Thai Fighter. I hold a degree in marine biology, a PhD in endocrinology and currently travel the world ensuring new cancer medication reaches patients with an unmet need. I am also an author...

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27 Jun Love Will Change The World

With so much going on in the world, I want everyone to know we are loved. Yes, we may have our differences but our desires are all the same. We all want love, power, respect, health, happiness, and to be valued.   Let's all make a commitment...

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12 Jun Have My Daughter Honored For Her Courage

In January 2017 my 14-year-old daughter was targeted by an online child predator, in May he found her again and started threatening her.   After my own investigation, law enforcement knows his name, and an investigation is ongoing. My daughter has been brave enough to allow me...

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08 Jun Helping People Live Their Passion

My life has been so blessed, in countless ways; whether it be family, friends, career, my business. As a young girl, and into my adulthood, I have always been encouraged to follow my dreams. With hard work and the realization of my passions, I took...

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