30 Aug Her

I wish that someday she will find me again, and we can live together in happiness forever. I wish that someday she will be in my arms again, if it can’t be so. I wish for peace for both of us....

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My wish is to allow my dreams to become the greatest reality of my life. Never live in the past let the present give devine direction to be a leader in every way possible speak truth with wisdom of someone that made because of strength....

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26 Jul Be Kind

I wish owen calls me and apologizes to me I wish he sees how bad his been treating me and change his behavior I wish he learns not to say the wrong things to hurt me...

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29 Jun Pay Back Love

I wish I could pay back love. How do you ever repay the kind of love a parent has for their child? a husband for his wife? A love so strong that transcends time? I wish for them to achieve their dreams: that cabin in...

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22 Jun Family happiness

I want my parents to stop arguing with each other and live peacefully and happily,I want their love and understanding for each other increase may they stop arguing on silly things and instead understand each other better..God bless my family with all abundance, health wealth...

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04 May A team to save a forest

I wish for a team to be apart of to save a specific forested property from being clear cut. And simultaneously start a non profit to offer holistic wellbeing workshops and sessions to impoverished people in the local community (east of Atlanta). We can support...

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20 Apr A Real Smile

I wish I could smile without feeling embarrassed. I have had bad teeth my whole life, and now here I am in my mid-30s, and every time I smile or laugh, I make sure to turn my head so it's less noticeable. I honestly don't...

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