10 Apr A chance to see my family

Hello the wish maker, I am mikahilu and I am 18years. I will soon be 19 by august my wish is that I so miss my family an wish to see them, they are in west Africa Nigeria that my wish and what I dream all...

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07 Apr Tourette Syndrome Awareness

Tourette Syndrome is a widely misunderstood neurological disorder. It is often mocked and made fun of in movies which I find very hurtful.   My second oldest sister suffers with Tourette Syndrome and has been subjected to bullying and has been excluded from participating in many things.   As...

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03 Apr A Wish to Let Every Human Speak

This wish is for Every Human Being World Wide to HAVE A VOICE.. -World Wide people have little experience or means to communicate their situation, case, pleas, & facts of the reality around them to others out there who might have a way to aid their...

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27 Mar Know our roots

I want to know the town where our oldest known ancestor was born. My dream is to visit Galicia in the company of my daughter and my son.   I think is very important to know where we came from and what motivated my ancestors to emigrate.   The...

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25 Mar My Grandma’s Wish

My Grandma Carmen's Wish   I'm naming my wish after my late Grandmother, Carmen Rocha whose known for introducing the Mexican Dish "Nachos" to California from her roots in San Antonio, Texas!   My Wish is to build My Grandma's Sunday House, A home to rent, a home with...

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20 Mar Changing A Community One Poem At A Time

It is my wish that I could change the billboards in low income communities with images of community residents and inspiring, encouraging and uplifting messages. The message we view every day impact our wellness and I believe changing the billboards will uplift a community that may...

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17 Mar The #PeytonHeartProject Wants To #StopSuicide

My wish is for the #PeytonHeartPorject to help #stopsuicide by ending the stigma of #mentalillness and to #endbullying. The #PeytonHeartProject is named after my 13 year old son Peyton, who took his life in October of 2014. He dealt with bullying and harassment at school...

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15 Mar To see The Wishwall in every city

My wish is to see The Wishwall in every city. I want to build Wishwalls, having people that love to give back and see impacting wishes becoming a reality.   The Wishwall is a wall of hope, a symbol of love and a work of art. It...

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13 Mar Have a own house

I am 29 years old and my partner 30. We are engaged six years ago and we have not been able to live together because it is very expensive to have a house. Therefore we have not been able to form our family. Our desire...

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