23 May A new start for “Sasha”.

"Sasha" is a twenty-something mother of two who needs a job and an affordable apartment. A victim of a violent home invasion, she has to start over in a new location (South Jersey) and is having trouble finding a place while still working towards her...

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18 May Taking my daughter on holiday

I would love the opportunity to take my 10-year-old daughter on holiday this summer unfortunately due to financial situations and it really difficult to add love to take it to EuroDisney or even just holiday here for a week or two   that's my wish...

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15 May Just a pair of shoes

I am retired and every penny I get goes to paying bills to live I get 900 a month my bills are 1000 . some months I don't get to eat for the last two weeks. I try and try to be the best person...

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13 May I Am Who I Am America.

I am currently going back to school for quantum physics and biomolecular engineering at Penn State University after 10 years of being in the photography industry and briefly for under 2 years working on the sets of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar as a first assistant...

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08 May A home

I wish for a home for my family. As of March 1, 2017, my two sons, husband and I will have nowhere to live. With my husband having lost his job, my minimal salary, and no money for rent or a security deposit, the chances...

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02 May No More Sadness!!

In our world, there are so many people out there who go through life wondering if anyone is paying attention to them.   I spend many nights thinking about them and what it's like to feel that way.   So, my wish is that no one feels sad or...

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17 Apr The St. Michael Project

"The St. Michael project"   We are a newly organized group of advocates for veteran assistance programs. Our small group, comprised of military service Veterans and advocates for the same, hail from all parts of the states of Missouri and Oklahoma. We are a registered nonprofit charitable...

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15 Apr Giving back to my significant other

  I am an aspiring medical school student and I was recently accepted for a fellowship on a partial scholarship to be able to study patients abroad for a month this summer. I was extremely honored and excited, but as the scholarship was only partial, I...

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